Can good art make one a better person?

Introduction: The Function of Art  “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time,” declared Thomas Merton (Merton). Art not only provides an aesthetic escape in a chaotic world, but breeds lasting personal and intellectual growth in the artist and the viewer. As a source of enjoyment, art lets us revelContinue reading “Can good art make one a better person?”

Are we living in the Truman Show?

“We accept the reality with which we are presented” – Christof Truman Burbank is a man living on a television set. His entire life is a constructed reality, with every second of it broadcast to millions of real-life viewers for entertainment. All the people he knows are actors, trained to deceive him into believing theyContinue reading “Are we living in the Truman Show?”

Can infanticide be ethical? A response to Peter Singer

Peter Singer is controversial, to say the least. After all, he argues that it is ethical to euthanize infants suffering from cognitive impairments or disabilities so severe as to render their life not worth living. Crucial to his argument is his definition of what constitutes a “person” – to Singer, a being that lacks rationality,Continue reading “Can infanticide be ethical? A response to Peter Singer”

What do we know?

Idealism encompasses the idea that nothing exists outside of our minds and our sensations: objective matter does not exist. Berkeley’s term of subjective idealism supposes that everything around us is purely mental. In other words, if the tree falls in the middle of the woods with nobody to see it, it never fell. Though myContinue reading “What do we know?”

On Free Will and Technology

As humans, we seem to be defined by our choices. What separates two individuals is the buildup of unique, distinctive choices that cause the trajectories of their lives to deviate from one another. Or so it seems. Autonomy is widely viewed as a precursor for a meaningful life; in its absence, we would be mindlessContinue reading “On Free Will and Technology”

Why philosophy?

I eagerly point out to a friend: “isn’t it interesting that there’s a one in a billion likelihood we are NOT living in a simulation?” Her response: “and how does that cure cancer?”. Philosophy, as a profession, has been viewed with a mixture of contempt and awe. Although the intellectual rigour of studying philosophy isContinue reading “Why philosophy?”

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