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Welcome to my blog!

You’ve somehow made it! The odds that you were to stumble upon this page are exceedingly small, yet I’m thankful that you did. This blog is a collection of my thoughts on philosophical ideas and how we can apply them to our everyday lives. Occasionally, I write about current events and economics.

Philosophical Wanderings

Just some thoughts that have arisen. Click on the heading to go to my blog.

Previous Posts

What is happiness?

What is happiness? Or, it may be better to reframe the question. What does it mean to be happy? A while back, I wrote about the hedonic treadmill. The term references our elusive search for gratification, typically in the form of achieving goals. In short, to succeed at one task only creates higher expectations toContinue reading “What is happiness?”

Plato’s 10 Lessons for Life

Plato is certainly not known to be a self-help guru. His Dialogues are savoured for their witty opinions on matters ranging from political authority to metaphysics, particularly The Republic. In true Socratic ignorance, Plato would most likely deny he knows what the ‘good life’ consists of.  No doubt some of Plato’s ideas are questionable. AmongContinue reading “Plato’s 10 Lessons for Life”

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